Tight technical budget?  tips to extend the life of your company's computers

Technology is now a major expense for most businesses, but budgets are often insufficient to buy all the latest and best-performing gadgets or to isolate equipment regularly. "If it doesn't break.

For businesses in this situation, it is important to do everything in their power to extend the life of their current equipment. If you want to keep your computer longer, pay attention to the following tips.

1. Keep them cold

If your computers overheat, their life can be shortened. So make sure to keep your computer cool. Do not place anything in front of the fans on your PC, keep them clean, and keep the computer in a place away from direct sunlight. For laptops, you can use a cooling mount to protect from overheating.

2. Clean your software

Hardware and external environment maintenance is important, but knowing what your computer is running at the software level can also be a problem. Older software and equipment may still remain on disk and processes run in the background, especially during transitions between employees. It would be better to add a recurring internal cleanup in which old programs are removed.

3. Move to the cloud

For many office personnel, there is no need to upgrade a computer to increase processing, memory, and storage as messaging, desktop productivity, and file storage have been transferred to the cloud. When you replace SSDs individually to extend the life of the hardware, consider creating a disk image using a tool like CloudReady to convert the old cloud to a Chromebook.

4. Properly allocate your technology assets

The life of a computer depends on its hardware and its purpose. Many organizations do not put the right machine in the right position. Some organizations have server-level hardware for their secretary, which only requires basic web browsing and office. Ensuring that your company assets are properly allocated can reduce many of the signs of aging infrastructure and machinery.

5. Use a Linux Operating System to Access Windows 10

Convert PCs with a Linux operating system that allows older computers to access Windows applications hosted in a datacenter or cloud. This allows systems that may not be equipped to run Windows 10 to use their features at 10% of the cost of the entire computer, with savings of millions. It can also support centralized management and enhanced security, even when users work remotely.

6. Upgrade some components

If the basic hardware of a computer is intact, it is usually possible to tune the computer to work better and faster than before with some simple upgrades. Upgrade RAM: If the computer has 12 GB or less RAM, consider upgrading it to 16 GB or more. Upgrade all hard drives to SSDs or smaller / faster SSDs. The benefits seen above can extend the lifespan of a computer by two years or more.

7. Get an Expandable Laptop

This condition is treated all the time. Laptops are extremely useful, but avoid those with welded parts. Processors are very powerful nowadays. Invest in a laptop with a track for upgrades, including RAM and the ability to upgrade your SSD. These elements alone will give the computer a life of two years or more at no additional cost.

8. Invest in basic maintenance

The best tips for keeping a computer running are very basic. Perform regular updates and patches, use the appropriate charging cable and power supply.

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