DO YOU KNOW (What is 90 hertz Refresh Rate) IN TECH WORLD


   Display is very important for mobile phones. If our display is good then the video looks great. Do you know how this happens? It all depends on the refresh rate of the mobile display. These days there is a lot of discussion about 90 Hertz refresh rate for mobile phones, but do you know what it is, let us tell you what it is today.
  Everything we see on mobile or TV display, after going through many processes, its final process is to appear on the display. For this, all kinds of technologies are used in the background of the device. They all have a process in which the way to render the render and the Hertz screen. The process of this render is called refresh rate. Meaning how many times the image or graphics are being rendered in one second.
   Now let us know that 90 Hertz refresh rate means that our phone is rendering that frame 90 times in one second before displaying anything. It sounds easy to see or hear but it is a very complicated process. This requires much higher capacity hardware. These days, some such phones have been launched, in which 120 Hertz refresh rate has been used. That is, the phone is rendering the frame 120 times in one second.
   After knowing the refresh rate and the render, you will definitely think that if the refresh rate is low or what is the benefit or loss to the user, then you should know that it makes a lot of difference. What we or anything you see on the display, depends on the frame. In this, the higher the speed of the frame, the clearer and clearer we will see things, that is, due to the higher refresh rate, the visual will appear smoother and there will be no leg in the animation. As well as playback and scrolling will be quite good and stable.
     Many times you must have seen the graphics of the game get a bit stuck or the visuals look a bit torn, for this the processor and RAM of the phone are not always responsible, but the refresh rate can also be affected. Often we can easily experience this difference when playing heavy graphics games.

If you use Android phone then this tips is for you: -

(1) The phone must be updated from time to time. Because the new version is always better than the old one. This improves the performance of the phone and gets rid of some problems.
(2) Many times the phone gets stolen or gets wet or gets damaged due to some other reason, so it is very important to backup the phone from time to time. Never ignore it
(3) Now the use of mobile is not limited to just calling or receiving calls. Multimedia is being used a lot in this, so be sure to use antivirus.
(4) Many times while running or walking on foot or due to small children in the house, the phone collapses, as a result of which the screen of the phone is poor first. So make sure to protect the screen.
(5) Many times the phone holders do not use the screen lock due to which the phone is more likely to be lost or misused by someone else. Therefore, use screen lock.

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