Nowadays the craze of this smart TV has increased significantly. Since smart TVs have smart features, everyone wants that they also have a smart TV. But smart televisions are a bit expensive, so not everyone buys, and by watching their ordinary televisions, they are satisfied. Smart TV has many features, due to which it is very popular among people. Now the internet has become cheaper, so people want that they also have smart TV. There are also many people who could not afford to buy a smart TV due to their being expensive. Now it has become very cheap. If you too have gone through this phase, meaning you have replaced LCD or led TV with Smart TV and want to enjoy Smart TV, then today I will tell you some such measures with the help of Smart TV on your simple TV. To enjoy.

Smart gadget

It is the result of technology that with the help of simple looking instruments, we can easily do big tasks. So for this also all kinds of devices are available, which make this work easily.
You can give a new look to your TV by purchasing the following devices.

Google chrome cast

This is a Google product that the company launched in 2014, and a new version has just arrived. It is better than ever and giving new content. First of all you have to cast it to your TV, which means that Google Chrome cast has to be installed on the TV. For this, you connect this device to the TV, connect it to the HDMI port of the TV. For this you go to the input of the TV and bring it to HDMI mode on which Chrome cast is connected. Now download the Google Home app on your smart phone. One thing to keep in mind is that the mobile and internet connection of this device should be the same, such as wi fi. When the Google Home app is downloaded, go to its settings and add the device. There will be some process after the add, and you will have to log in with your Google account. After all setup is complete, Chrome cast will take some updates, after which you can operate from your phone and enjoy Smart TV.

 Amazon fire TV stick 4 K

 It is also a similar device, which turns your ordinary TV into a smart TV. The only difference is that you will get two instruments in it. One that has to be connected to the TV and the other remote from which you will control the TV. It also works on the Internet itself, so there should be availability of internet at home. If you want, you can use your mobile Internet (hotspot). Once it is connected, the wi fi network does not need to be reinstalled even if it changes. The most important thing is that in this you will get alexa voice support.
By the way, there are many products in the market for this work, among which Android TV Box is also one which easily connect to your TV. Due to which smart content can be played.

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