Often we see in TV or Newspaper or read that in a hotel or shopping mall, a woman was blackmailed by making a video with a hidden camera. So if we go to a hotel, shopping mall or a resort with one of our female friends, wife, then some care should be taken. Because when you encounter a hidden camera too. Today I will tell you some ways by knowing which you can save yourself from such activities to a great extent.

Whether to have hidden camera or not

     Such cameras can be large or very small (equivalent to a button). It is a bit difficult to detect them, but you do not need to carry a camera detector for this, for this your smart phone is enough. You have to download aap called hidden camera detector in your mobile phone. It is very easy to use. When you install it after downloading it, it will take some permissions after which it will start working in your mobile. First of all, there will be an option of Detect Camera by Radiation Meter, in addition to this, there is also the option of Detect Infrared Camera, Tips and Tricks and Paid App.
  This app starts its work as soon as you click the Detect Camera by Radiation Meter. During this time a circular circle will appear on the phone's screen, a colored strip will appear below it. On this strip you will keep getting information whether there is a microphone or camera. As soon as you get any signal, move the camera towards it, and scan the nearby things. As soon as the camera or microphone's radiation gets it, the line below will start jigging and the line below will become red and alarm will start sounding as soon as the relevant device is found. This app also informs you of mobile, computer and CC TV. If the radiation is high, the entire band below will become black, so that you understand that there is something wrong.

 Also know

Our privacy and app

Recently, a report has revealed that there are more than 1000 such apps which are spying on all our phones. Such news often comes about Android phones. Now, if you use the app, there will be some danger, but these can be avoided by taking a little care.

Give permissive thinking

After installing any type of app, we are asked for some permission, and we all make OK on all types of permits, while we should give as much permission as necessary. We all give access to any app to view our contacts, photos, videos, files, locations, cameras and microphones. So read it before giving permission, only then give permission. Just as what the app related to the payment needs to permit microphone, similarly what is the work of marketing app to the microphone .

Avoid fake apps

There are many apps on the Google Play Store with the same name. If an app becomes popular, many apps are made with the same name or similar name. If seen in the right, such apps are harmful for privacy. All these apps steal data from phones.
 And at the end I would like to say that location sharing should be turned off, turn on only when needed...

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