In the case of smartphones or computers, we all are very smart. But no matter how clever we may be, whether or not to download the app from unknown sources, check unintentional email, use the latest means of security, despite so many precautions, we can get our phone hacked . Yes, it is true. Regardless of the measures we take, we can all have our phones hacked. The hacker can take all the detail of the phone, whether the phone is call or phone or email or password means you can run the whole phone according to your own. A hacker can call from anywhere from your phone to another phone. It is able to do this through a spyware.
    Friends, the name of this spyware is Pegasus. This is a very dangerous type of spyware. The most dangerous spyware detected so far. We all make phone or video calls through Whats App, due to a flaw in it, this spyware is installed in our phone. This spyware hacked the phone of about 1600 people in just one month, that too of the most influential people of the world.

How does it work

    Hackers use it in many ways. They first send a message through Whats App as a web link. Somehow the hackers want to click that link. As soon as the user of the phone clicks on that link, this spyware is installed in the phone without his knowledge and permission. Then starts contacting the hacker, and starts giving commands to him.
  This way the hacker is able to do absolutely anything on the phone. He is also able to fully access the phone. It is very difficult to catch such a hacker, because it is not known that in which corner of the world the hacker is sitting.
  Despite all this, there is scope to save a little, but the second method of hackers is even more dangerous. Avoidance of which is probably not possible. In this manner, the hacker video call on your phone (Whats app), now whether you pick up the phone or not, the ringing of the phone is enough. This spyware is installed in the phone after the bell rings, and the hacker can control the phone on its own.

How to save phone

   For this, Whats app has released its update, we can be safe after Whats app has updated as per the claim.

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