PUBG Cellular Payload Mode: Tips and Tricks for New PUBG Cellular Payload Mode

PUBG Cellular d Mode: Tips and Tricks for New PUBG Cellular Payload Mode

PUBG Cellular Payload Mode: Tips and Tricks for New PUBG Cellular Payload Mode
PUBG Mobile has recently added a new mode called Payload Mode for all players. A new mode is available in the Evo Grounds section of the game. Many new elements are added to the game, such as helicopters, missile launchers and air strikes. Here are five tips for using these factors to win in eating chicken.

 Rich weapon of deception!

The payload mode offers a whole new range of weapons, from thermal exploration missiles (M3E1-A) to unique "Terminator" style machine guns (M134 minigun). Ensure that all soldiers have one of these special weapons as a secondary weapon. A single player equipped with M134 minigans can deliver more battles than the entire team. Team mates equipped with MGL grenade launchers will automatically become exceptional bullets during firing. Combine one of these special weapons with your favorite AR for balanced weapon loading.

If it doesn't work first, call an air strike
Use the runway to flush the team from a hiding place or tightly secured. There may be instances when the opposing team holds the field high or hides behind a ridge and ejects one teammate at a time. Air strike beacons are useful if you want to destroy enemy strongholds in open areas and are attacking to avoid air strikes. Players should be careful not to approach the bombed area.

Troubled friend is true friend

Be sure to get a teammate ID card that has died. Given the fact that the payload mode is off in squad four, the number is definitely strong. Use the evacuation function to collect ID cards and bring them to the nearest communication tower so that you can recover a lost teammate. If you notice flaws and see your comrades falling, be sure to throw smoke, take your ID and escape in smoke. We recommend that you avoid the crossfire and hide when you become lowly. After always reviving your teammates, you can strengthen your recovery at any time.

Take advantage of the unique load fuction

This mode has many distinct cool and unique features. Whether it is a vehicle repair kit, or a feature that can fix you while driving or traveling a car, players should make sure that it is used for profit. For example, the M3E1-A missile launcher is for vehicles, but can also be used by people. While carrying your M79 or MGL, you can avoid reconnaissance and save backpack space.

Air Force

This helicopter mode is very useful for teams when chasing "Super Air Drop" on about half the map. Your unit should ensure that there is good coordination among the helicopters. The helicopter is 360 degrees open and can be landed with missile launchers, so there are some dangers. You should be familiar with helicopter flights. Don't forget to maintain height. Low flying is a simple goal.

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