We all have a habit now that if we need any information or have to search for something, we immediately open Google on our system or mobile and investigate about it. Millions of people all over the world search for something on Google. But we do not know that sometimes we start finding things that can cause heavy losses. Today I will tell you about some such things, which you may have to suffer a lot by searching. So never forget to search these things in Google.

Government website

     Searching government websites can sometimes be very difficult, because nowadays hackers are promoting duplicate websites of government websites and portals. Which are very difficult for the common consumer to identify. Whenever we login in such a website, all our information reaches those hackers, which can cause a lot of problems in the future. You should know that at the end of government websites gov. nic. definitely happens. So, open the official website after seeing this.

Medical prescription

     Whenever someone in our house or friend's house falls ill, instead of contacting the doctor, we start searching him on Google based on symptoms (illness). You should know that this method can be very harmful, because Google can never give the right information based on the symptoms of any disease, because Google itself does not tell anything, it remains the same thing by someone Is put So, definitely avoid it.

Customer care number of companies

     Customer care has become very popular and popular for the last ten to twenty years. When we use an item or product and sometimes there is a defect or defect in it, we think of calling the customer care number of the company concerned. Many times it happens that we do not know the customer care number of that company. In such a situation, we find it very easy to find it on Google, but searching a customer care number of a company on Google can be very harmful because hackers who promote cyber crime put the wrong or fake helpline number of any company on Google search. Now, as soon as you call that number, your number will reach those hackers. Now hackers can do any cyber crime using that number. Which can be harmful for you.

Online banking service

   We all do digital transactions and the trend has increased. Any such service can be used online. Many times this happens when we search the bank website in Google. Hackers create clones of the real website by entering fake url like fake customer care. All the details reach them as we feed their information, and they lose all the money in our account.
There are many other things that should not be searched on Google, about which I will tell you later in a post. If you want to know about the new way of hackers, then we must have a post.

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