In the event of a sudden situation or an emergency, if we ever have to call, we first unlock our phone. But sometimes it becomes very difficult. Because at that time we forget in a hurry how we unlock the phone, or the person suffering from an incident is not in such a condition that he can tell the number of his house, friend, or relative. In such a situation, unlocking that person's phone is a difficult task.

Life can be saved from the Emergency period: -

 Nowadays almost every phone holder who uses a smart phone usually keeps their phone locked. Whether it is a password, a fingerprint lock, a face unlock. Our smart phone has become a personal companion of all of us in a way. We keep a lot of our private things in it as well, so for security, keep them locked every time. So that our privacy remains.
    Sometimes, if you have to inform the relatives of the person who has suffered an accident, then in such an event, the lock of the phone becomes a big obstacle. The person's phone book contains the contact number of all his friends, relatives or household. At such a time, it seems a very difficult task to inform the person concerned. But for such a time, our phone has an emergency call feature. Due to lack of information, people are unable to use this great feature.
 Emergency is a feature of the era that is why you can inform the relatives of a victim without unlocking the phone. So we all should keep this feature active in our mobile.

 How to activate

To activate it, first lock the phone and go to your smart phone's home page and try to unlock it incorrectly. By doing this, your phone will not be unlocked, however the emergency call option will show, you tap it. When you tap on it, the phone's keypad will open. Then the option to add the number will appear on the emergency contact i.e. emergency call. Now tapping on that option, the command to unlock the phone will come before the emergency call is added. Now unlock the phone correctly.
  Once unlocked, the list of contacts will open, and from that list you select the numbers that you want to inform in emergency. Because a list of those numbers will open with you in an emergency. After selecting the number, press the back keys. Here you will see a list of all the numbers that you have added to the Emergency Contact List.
 If you want, you can also fill your medical information here. Such as a blood group, BP, or sugar label. Nowadays, in view of increasing road accidents, every smart phone holder must make this setting, because no one knows when it is needed.

  You can also select from contact list

  If you want, you can choose those numbers directly from your contact list. For this, open the contact list of your phone. Then go to the contact that you want to include in the emergency list. When you open the contact, there is an option to add name, number, organization and email as well as add to emergency. Now by clicking on it, you can include that number in your emergency contact list.

 How to use

Once the list contains the numbers, it will always be saved in the contact list. Then any person in an emergency will be able to call or give information on those numbers from your phone without unlocking it.

 If you want to give any information from someone's phone to his relatives, then press the home button or fingerprint on his phone. Due to pressing incorrectly, the phone's pad will open and there will be an emergency call option at the same time, clicking on it will open its emergency contact list so that you can inform by tapping on any contact.

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