• Nowadays everyone is very concerned about the safety of their loved ones. Especially when a household member is out of the house. If he does not reach home on time then the whole family gets upset. But now such technology and such tools have come, due to which we can stay in touch with our people for 24 hours. You get information about their every moment. But it is a moot question whether it is profitable? I am giving you some social media, due to which you remain in touch with your loved ones, but even a little carelessness can make them very difficult. For example; ------

 Family Locator GPS Tracker

 Today we are all connected to some social media platform. We have all kinds of information with them, and we get to read news of data leaks in newspapers. But we are unable to do anything in it. I have read many times the news of cheating people through these social media. How many people, how many girls have committed suicide by being victims of them (social media)

  Due to these social media, the governments of many countries are also struggling. If there is any incident or not, riots can be done by sharing videos on any inflammatory subject. The latest example of which is the incidents in India. In these things, only the common people are killed or the public is harmed. Many incidents of online fraud are also due to these media, due to which many people have either become pauper or have lost millions of rupees. Yet social media is being used indiscriminately. They do not matter if someone is ruined or inhabited.

Use of technology

  The technique is nor family members in a month to see what device they are doing. What is the media platform they use, how are people in their group or circle. Avoid opening unknown links or emails anytime.

Also know
Now you can forward an attached file in Gmail, that too easily. Earlier the attachment file which came in the mail had to be downloaded. But now it will not have to be downloaded. Now you can forward any attachment file without downloading it. A new "forward as attachment" option will appear in Gmail's three dot menu to use this service. Now when sending a new email, you have to click on the Attach button. It is now much easier to attach e-mails than to forward e-mails multiple times one by one. Gmail for the web is offering a drag and drop feature in the draft window. In this, users can select multiple files.

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