Sometimes it happens to all of us that something is not understood. Like this, sometimes our phone starts behaving strangely. We cannot understand why he is doing this. Finally we go to a mechanic and get him checked, and come back after giving a small amount for a small task.

 Use force stop

 Sometimes it happens that you want to open an application and the phone is restarted by not opening the application, or another application is opened. The reboot problem in Android phone is due to software corruption or any hardware malfunction or corruption of any application. If any such problem comes with you in your phone, restart the phone, or if the phone battery is about to drain, then remove the battery as soon as it comes to the phone. This problem will be eliminated. If your phone's battery is not going to drain then keep the power button pressed continuously so that the phone will turn off automatically. After keeping some time off, return the phone, if there is a small problem then it will be fixed.

 Power problem

 If the phone is not booting after discharge, one of the reasons may be that it is not connected to the correct (original) charger. So always charge the phone with the original charger.

 Remove card

 Many times it happens that due to micro SD card also there is a problem. If the phone is restarting repeatedly, then you must check the micro SD card once. If your phone is working properly by removing the card, then understand that the problem was from here.

 Hard reset

If the rules mentioned above have been done and the phone is still restarting, then backup it and reset it. Then the phone will be fixed.

      Also know

Everyone knows whats app is a messaging app. Many times it happens that we do not want any important message to be known by anyone else. In such a situation, people often delete the message, but there is a way that you can hide the entire chatting if you want.
 If you want to hide chatting, first open Whats App. Then go to the chat you want to hide. Tap and hold the chat for a while. After this, some options will appear upwards. There will be an arrow option which is equal to three dots. This is the Archive button, click on it, this will bring your chatting archive.
  Whenever you want to see this chat, you will get the option to archive at the bottom of Whats App. When you click on it, your chat will be found. If you want to un archive your chat, tap and hold it for a while, and once again tap the above archive icon, chatting will go un archived.

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