This way you can know whether your password has been stolen or not.
This way you can know whether your password has been stolen or not.
Nowadays everything in the world is going digital at a fast pace. Almost everyone is connected to some media platform nowadays. In this digital era, it has become very difficult to secure data. Aidin we read or hear about data theft, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp, such incidents are often seen. There is a risk of data leakage on every media platform. The WhatsApp user was spied just a few days ago. So it becomes important to know how we will know whether our information is leaking or not.

Google will alert us

 Sensing an increase in data leaks, Google has started a new service. The name of this new service from Google is "Google Password Manager". Through this service, we can protect our social media account including internet banking password or the password of any website. The advantage of this is that when we or someone else changes the password, we get an alert by Google.

 Check if the data has been leaked

  You can find out if any of your password has been leaked by going to Google Password Manager. To know this, you have to go to Clicking on it, the password manager will open. In which you will get the option to check the password. On clicking on it, Google will ask for the password of Gmail login on that system. After inserting the password, Google will tell you whether your password has been used anywhere.

Change password immediately

Now if you know that the password information has been leaked then you should change your password immediately. Apart from this, two factor authentication should also be turned on. If you are thinking of changing your password then take some precautions. For example, do not use your name or date of birth in the password. Also do not use mobile number. Change the password of your Gmail account after a few days.

Do not charge mobile at these places

If you also charge a mobile at any place, then abandon your habit, because a small mistake can make your lifetime earnings disappear in an instant. This is because the fraudsters can fraud not only your ATM but also hack your phone. We often keep charging our phones at the charging spots at hotels, trains, rallies, airports etc. But the next time you go there to charge, definitely think.
 Whenever you put your phone on charge at the charging station, your phone's data can be stolen due to malware. This allows hackers to export passwords and data.
 Your mobile juice may also be a victim of hacking. In such a situation, all the bank related information in your phone is passed on to the hackers through charging cable. Hackers can install malware in your phone with the help of data connection and USB, which can copy your phone's data and transfer all the money to your account.
 Apart from all this, using public devices, open networks and free WiFi can also be harmful. Also, there is always a risk of data leakage.

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