Nowadays, almost everyone stares at the screen for hours. Every year a person who uses smart phones for about eighteen thousand hours keeps staring at their mobile screen. Whenever one has to be away from the screen, there is a feeling of discomfort. If you also experience something like this then assume that you are a victim of screen addiction in some form or the other.
    If you also spend hours on social media, then do it carefully, because it is a kind of disease, which is called "sitting disease". Loneliness is increased by spending more time on social media. At the same time, physical activity also decreases. While we do not know how harmful it can be to our health as a result of its excessive use. We have thousands of friends or followers on social media, but in real life we ​​are becoming lonely. So it is important that we take some time for ourselves in the midst of social media busyness, yet if this is not possible then we can do it too with the help of some technical tools.

  Space: -

       It is a fact that with the advent of smart phones, our life has become simple, but when we start spending more time on it, it becomes like a habit. We cannot stay away from it even after wishing it. If you want to reduce phone usage then this aap will help you. It tracks the screen time of your phone. This can help in many ways by removing phone additions. By understanding the habit of using your phone, it tries to know which type of phone user you are. With this, you can take the help of tools like notification blocking, screen dimming etc. It can run on both Android and IOS.

  Stay Free: -

  It is a visual and user friendly Android application. It tells you how much time you spend on your phone and favorite apps. On this you can set a limit for your apps, it will alert you as soon as your deadline ends. In this app, you will get a complete history of screen time on which app you spent so much time. In this, the history of using the app, over use reminder, export mode, and motivational quotes are found. If using its premium version, block mode, lock mode, widget pie chart graph etc. will be found.

 Your Hour: -

  Do you also feel that apart from spending more time on the screen, the ability to remain focused on something is decreasing. Do you also have your phone with you at all times, such as the habit of sleeping in the morning with the phone and the phone at night. Because of this, your personal life is not affected. Think about it seriously, if this is the case then this app can be very beneficial for you. The best with a very useful feature in it is that here you can know what kind of addiction you are suffering from. It is divided into 4 parts. Like, Addicted, Absets, Dependents, Habituals, Achievers, and Champions. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Iam prope omnibus horis truces in screen. Quotannis ferme millia circiter horarum hominem respicit usum mobile felis elit. Cumque recessissent a tentoriis videtur semper inquietum. Si qui putant ab experientia quadam, quae in aliqua forma est victima screen PROCLIVITAS in omni forma.
    Si hoc feceris, sic diligenter socialis instrumentis spend horis in dies, quod genus est morbus, quae vocatur "sedens morbo". Social media die resurget destituta iam amplius tempus. Sicut etiam et corporalis operatio deficit. Dum nos nescimus tantum nocet ad salutem eo usus est propter multa. Social media nostri Milia amicorum vel sectatores, sed solum in vita reali sumus. Ergo necessarium est ut distractione socialis instrumentis hoc aliquamdiu; sed etiam circa id, si fieri potest, non ad aliquam technica instrumenta ad auxilium vobis facere.

  Spatio: -

       Quod nos hoc simplici felis vitae ut ampliori tempore maneret non fiat ex habitu tendimus. Volumus facere, non aberit. Non AAP auxiliatus sum tibi, si vis ad redigendum uti telephono. Servat vestigia elit tempus vocas. Sit removere Adikson auxilium in multis phone can. In phone user scriptor conatur discere intelligere quod genus phone habitus ex arca tua. In intimatione significare potest accipere subsidium ab interclusione ut instrumenta, albugines screen etc. Potest currere in iPhone et MASCULINUS OS utrumque.

  Restat liberum: -

  Est visual et Android Aplikesn user benignos. Ducere te non essent, quod tibi narrat quousque Favorites Aps vestri phone. Posuit terminum tuum a te: et non apps, sicut cum completa fuerit tempus reliquerint, oblatos: firmitatis indicium est, erectus vos. Hoc App Quod app quod ego multum temporis egerat ut mercedem plenam historia et tunc screen. Hoc app historia usus est, in usu admonitoribus, euoluamus export modus, etc. See quotes and motivational. Si obstructionum premium poema ad uti modus, modus clausum, widget potest videre chart charts etc.

 Tua Hour -

  Tu es Sententia, qui diminuitur aliquid aliud quod est vivere Focused facultatem bene ampliori tempore maneret super screen. Dicitur habitus semper quietus es maneat vobiscum tam diu noctuque experrectus phone tanquam mane. Hoc est debitum, non tantum afficit vestri Byktigt vitae. Pensari quod si ita est utile sit App. Est optimum ad multum utilis features ut sunt ea quae vos videtis quia hic patiens addicta est. VI divisa est in partes. Ita ut, Addictus, Absets, dependens, Habichual, Achiever et pugiles. In app downloaded from Google Play redactum esse possit.

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