ATM machines have made our everyday life very easy. We can easily withdraw or deposit money using these machines whenever and wherever we want. But nowadays there are many incidents of fraud by these machines. Due to which lakhs of rupees were withdrawn from the accounts of many people. Today we will tell you some easy tips that can be avoided in such incidents.

 (1) Camera: -Whenever you go to withdraw money, always look carefully once to see if the camera is installed. Also, there is no questionable place to place the card. If something like this happens, be careful because many times the hackers place a chip that reads the card at this place. By which they get all the information of that card.

(2) PIN and card: - Sometimes many people give their ATM card to their acquaintances and relatives to bring out their money. While this method can be very harmful. When we give our ATM to someone, understand that we have given our entire bank account to them. Due to this, many times it has happened that their own people escaped by withdrawing lakhs of rupees from the ATM.

(3) Caution while entering the PIN: - Whenever using ATM, and when inserting your PIN, then at that time cover the pin board with your hand as shown in the picture.

Do this action even when someone is close to you or not, even if the ATM cabin is not empty. Many criminal hackers steal pins through hidden cameras. Make sure to stand as close to the ATM as possible.

(4) Cancellation: - When your money goes out, then the cancel button must be pressed. This will keep all your ATM information secure. Till you exit the ATM cabin, welcome is written on the screen again.

(5) PIN: - Whenever you go to the ATM, always keep one thing in mind that if someone other than you is present or not, if no other person is present, never enter the PIN. Or ask that person to go out. If there is any doubt, exit the ATM. Always use PIN only when alone.

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