How to know fake websites and fake emails

Friends, the Corona epidemic has caused a rage all over the world these days. Almost all countries are very worried about this. That is why curfews or lakdowns have been announced in their countries to avoid this. In such a situation, some criminals are trying to cheat people by sending fake emails or fake website links to do various kinds of fraud with people. As far as possible beware of such fake emails or links. But now the problem is how to identify such message or email or website.

  Read the words carefully

 Whenever opening an email or website, first check the spelling of its text first, because often spelling of fake email or site name or the words of the email is wrong. Also, grammar also has a lot of mistakes, whereas it does not happen in real site or email. They do not have the fault of grammar or spelling. 

 Must check url

  This is also a way to identify a fake site or email. When a link arrives in some kind of mail, first move your cursor over the link with your mouse over that link. Now you will see the actual URL and hyperlink in the popup. With this you will easily identify the real or fake.

 Cybercriminals use names of famous companies

  Generally hackers use the names of world famous companies to cheat the public. Therefore, if you have any email or link from any company, do not forget to click on it. Because no company direct email or message to people.

 Never share personal information

 Many times hackers try to ask for personal information by sending emails or messages for the purpose of cheating people by using the name of big companies or by resorting to pornographic picture or video link. Therefore, you should never share your password, personal data, debit card or credit card information with anyone. This way you will be able to protect yourself from some kind of fraud.

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