Most of us nowadays are doing office work from home. Many times in this environment it happens that due to excessive use of the laptop, it gets overheated. Due to which there is a lot of possibility that our laptop may deteriorate quickly. For this, if we take care of some simple things, then there can be a lot of rescue.
 Cooling kit is a better option
    Our laptop may have become very old, so it should not be used for long. Because of this, our laptop can heat up quickly. The cooling kit is a better option for this. Always the laptop fan should buy according to the design of their laptop. If the battery still gets hot after this, then replace the battery. Overheating may also be the reason if we repeatedly install the charger in the laptop.
CPU fan failure
  If you use an electronic device, never use a wet cloth to wipe it. This can cause your device to malfunction forever. If you have a bad CPU fan, always keep this in mind and do not use it too much. This can also cause the problem of overheating.
  Keep your laptop on a flat surface
    We've all seen most laptops take down air for cooling. So whenever you use your laptop on a bed, or a blanket or any pillow, proper air ventilation is not possible. Therefore, if the laptop is always kept on a flat surface, then its chances of over-heat are reduced to a great extent. If you do not want to buy a cooling mat for any reason, do so by keeping the laptop on a rigid surface. If you use the laptop on your bed, keep a book or a square piece of wood under it, so that the CPU fan gets plenty of air.
Laptop cleaning
  If we do not clean our laptop properly, then dust and grime accumulate in the path of its airflow, which can also cause the laptop to overheat. Therefore, the laptop should be cleaned regularly every two or three days. This will not heat up your laptop and will keep its performance good for more days.

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